My morning walk today with senior dog, Pip, took place not only in the quasi-sunshine but also showed me wild primroses flowering and even some little purple and white violets peeping through in the hedgerow (along with discarded lager & vodka bottles and some speakers – what thought process is it that makes some car drivers see a country lane and immediately think of it as a municipal tip?)  Does this mean that spring, Easter and new life generally is actually on the way (despite the piles of unmelted snow under the hedges)?

New life and new starts also abound at the farm and with the business. Not only do I have this new, lovely and shiny website but we also introduced an 8 week old cocker spaniel puppy to Pip at the weekend.  Margo is a grand little thing although Pip is taking some convincing of that.  They did curl up together last night by the fire so relations may be thawing along with the snow …

I’m so excited about the coming season, both for weddings and welcoming bed & breakfast guests. We’ll now have two little furry people to help with that welcome!!!

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