The only bit of foraging I really know how to do is for wild garlic, blackberries or sloes and so yesterday we went out and foraged away to our heart’s content with senior & junior dog, despite the soggy conditions, for wild garlic leaves.  We managed not to poison ourselves and today I’ve been making wild garlic pesto, along with baking a fresh load of sourdough for tomorrow’s B & B guests.  Sounds like a winning combination to me …

Wild Garlic Pesto

Large handful of washed wild garlic leaves (patted dry in a tea towel).  Another handful of toasted pine nuts. A squashed garlic clove. A really good grating of parmesan.  Some smoked salt.  Freshly ground black pepper. Extra Virgin Rapeseed oil (we love the stuff from our neighbours Fussels Fine Foods, our lovely next door neighbours).

Put it all in the whizzer and blitz, adding a little more oil, seasoning or cheese to make it taste right … Complicated stuff!

The sourdough was more time consuming and complicated but I follow High Fearnley Whittingstall’s recipe in the Guardian – so far with pleasing results.

PS – have you ever tried typing a blog with a puppy’s chin resting on your laptop.  Diverting but tricky & prone to spelling mistakes …

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